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06 September 2011 @ 05:34 pm
I have not been around for awhile because I have officially closed membership and all to this community but! I have noticed around lifejournal and other places that some people have been taking my icons without credit back to this community or my journal! Please please PLEASE don't take my icons and call them yours! I have worked very hard on many of these icons!!! I have a new blog now at http://emptywonderland.tumblr.com I'll post my icons up there possible in the future... but it's more so a normal blog for photos i reblog. but anywho; PLEASE credit back to any of the sources that will link back to ME. emptywonderland.tumblr.com // defetive_icons @ LJ // snowysuki @ LJ  THANK YOU
12 September 2009 @ 08:32 pm
I will be changing sites some time soon. To expand my knowledge with things such as coding, php, ftp, css i'll be starting a website sometime in the future. Of course the icons will be reposted on that site and I will have a partner or partners with me once again to update the new site. For the time being you may continue to use the icons but please always credit back to this community till we change to a new link. A new name will also be decided. Although it may be a bit farther away in time before I am able to start a site again and complete it. Please continue to watch us : ) and find out where we will move to. Schools started so i am now lacking time to do anything.I am also looking hunting for a job to fund for personal things and maybe a future domain if my site becomes popular enough. I will continue moderating the community kpop_merch and check up whenever I have enough time. Thanks to everyone who joined and watched this community : ) I may or may not continue icon/graphic contests in the future on a new site depending if i can set up an easy method to allow people to vote and such. Thanks so much for all the comments and the participation in the icontests and voting if you have ~ If you'd like to continue following me and pockydott visit our blogs *although i haven't updated mine since i left for hong kong*

01 January 2030 @ 05:55 pm

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